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NEW- 500ml edible ink Refill (set of 4) 1xBLACK, 1XYELLOW, 1X MAGENTA, 1XCYAN

NEW- 500ml edible ink Refill (set of 4) 1xBLACK, 1XYELLOW, 1X MAGENTA, 1XCYAN

500ml EDIBLE INK REFILL PACK - 1x 500ml bottle of each color (cyan,black,magenta,yellow)

  • Made in Germany from EFSA approved ingredients and specially formulated with neutral pH to minimise print-head wear. Best before date is printed on the bottles and is typically 12 months from manufacture Vibrant colours
  • for use in Canon printers
  • For best results use with our edible icing sheets or wafer paper range.
  • Shelf life minimum 12 months, maximum 24 months.




Water, Glycerol E422,

Brilliant Black BN E151 (2.5%),

Sunset Yellow E110 (0.8%),

Quinoline Yellow E104 (0.6%),

Preservative: 1.2Propandiol E1520


Water, Glycerol E422,

Tartrazine E102 (1.5%),


 1.2 Propandiol E1520,

Citric acid E330


Water, Glycerol E422,

Brilliant Blue E133 (2%)

Preservative: 1.2 Propandiol E1520,

Citric Acid E330



Glycerol E422, 

Azorubine E122 (2.2%),

Ponceau Red 4r E124 (0.9%),

Preservative: 1.2 Propandiol E1520,

Citric Acid E330


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 

Using edible icing sheets and/or edible inks in your printer may invalidate the warranty offered by the manufacturer. No products sold by Adams Bakery/Cakes are in any way associated or endorsed by printer manufacturers. Adams Bakery/Cakes does not accept any responsibility for the use of Adams Bakery/cakes Icing sheets and/or edible inks in your printer.

Important Information:

Edible ink should only be used in new printers as existing printers will have residual ink in the print head which may be harmful to health.

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