Girly cakes!

All cakes are decorated to your specifications.. making a unique attraction at any occasion, add personal meanings with hand made items, figures and designs for a more personal gift.

All cakes can be personalised with names, ages and personal messages.

Choose from chocolate cake, traditional Victoria sponge, Lemon drizzle, coffee cake and more.

Cakes are freshly baked, filled and decorated by myself

My home based business has been assessed for food and hygiene and displays a 5 star rating, as well as the necessary level 2 food and hygiene course

Adams Bakery cakes, Bespoke cake maker in sheffield.

Louis vitton Make up box cake
Louis Vitton make up box themed cake with makeup brush and accessories.
Adam Bakery cakes in Sheffield.
Paris themed cake
Paris themed shopping cake topped with Eiffel town and shopping bags.
Adams Bakery Cakes in Sheffield.
Pink drip cake
Pink drip cake topped with candy sweets and chocolates.
Adams Bakery Cakes in Sheffield.
Hendricks bottle cake
Hendrick bottle shaped cake finished with party streamers.
Adams Bakery Cakes in Sheffield.
Large ruffle cake
Large 2 tier ruffle cake, with quilted top tier.
Decorated with giant 60 , edible pearl boarder and Hand crafted peony flowers.
Adams Bakery/Cakes Sheffield
21st ruffle peony
2 tier Ruffle cake design with quilted top tier, Giant 21 side toppers, bow and hand crafted peony flowers.
Adams Bakery/Cakes In Sheffield.
pandora box cake 1
Pandora box cake with edible lace design , personal message and hand crafted peony flower.
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield
fashion cake
8inch round fashion/dress makers cake with edible lace surround, giant rose toppers and decorations.
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
horse cake
2 tier horse themed cake, with bottom tier frill design, edible horse shoes and topper, finished with giant rosette.
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
unicorn cake
Unicorn cake with colourful rainbow buttercream swirls leading the the golden horn!
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
single peony cake
Single tier quilted 21st cake, with giant edible peony, 21 side toppers and bow to finish.
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield
cat fur cake 3
Cream ruffle cake
Pink and cream 2 tier ruffle cake with giant 18 side toppers, edible pearl boarder and Giant bow topper.
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
high heel cake
2tier pink high heel topper cake with quilted bottom tier, contemporary folded top tier design with edible broach's
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
pandora charm cake
Pandora charm box cake, Opened box design revealing edible charm bracelet.
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
m+ms cake
2 tier pink (drunk) m+m's cake, topped with giant pink m+m drunk character with cascading m+m's.
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
carousel cake
Small 6inch round carousel cake with edible hand crafted horses and rick Krispy treats roof!
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
ruffle floral cake
10inch round faded ruffle cake with giant unopened peony toppers, roses and butterfly.
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
60th peony cake
2 tier Ruffle cake design with quilted top tier, Giant 60 side toppers, bow and hand crafted peony flowers.
Adams Bakery/Cakes In
Cherry blossom cake
8inch round Wrap around cherry blossom cake with personalised message.
Adams bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
glamorous 40 cake
8inch round cake topped with edible shoe toppers, lipstick/makeup and giant 40!
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
lindybop dress
Lindy bop style dress cake with cupcakes.
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
floral cake
8inch round cake topped with a blossom of roses, forget me nots and small edible flowers.
Adams Bakery/cakes in Sheffield.
dirty dancing cake
8inch round Dirty Dancing themed cake with Cake board topper featuring film name and scene.
finished with personalised name and bow!
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
Victoria secrets cake
8inch round Victoria secrets cake surrounded by handcrafted edible makeup and phone.
Adams Bakery/Cakes in Sheffield.
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